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Womem and men and media Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Womem and men and media - Essay ExampleConsequently, many young girls often adopt approaches that jeopardize their health to attain skinny and or curvy figures that flush across television screens and also take center stage in the cover of many magazines. Moreover, the portrayal of female bodies in the media has significantly sexualized both male and female teenagers at tender ages leading to high moral decadence in the society. As such, this topic deserves much attention, especially at this time of high technological advances and emergence of technology savvy generation.Over the past decades, the media has been tirelessly working to construct the ideal image of what a beautiful woman should look like. Television channels, movies, and magazines among other media platforms have brainwashed young girls with misinformation about certain features that they must acquire in order to be considered beautiful. Deviating from the traditional definition of beauty, the media features pictures of models with thin bodies and other features that fit the media’s definition of beauty.Young girls often want to associate with television anchors or models they usually see in advertisements that plague the media. In order to be as close to the perfect woman, young ladies have taken to risky approaches to attain the shape and color of the images that keep hitting their eyes and filling their imaginations of what a beautiful woman should look like. In order to attain the body sizes that the media uphold as beautiful, young women have resorted to unhealthy eating habits. Some of the skip most meals in order to reduce their body weights so that they can match the size of a “perfect woman� while others use skin lightening products so that they can achieve the complexion of “perfect women� that they see more often in the televisions, magazines, movies and even social websites. Skipping


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